Henan  Grubbs  Chemical   CO.LTD

Innovative chemistry creates extraordinary life

      Henan Grubbs Chemical Co., Ltd. Cooperate with the Chinese Academy of engineering and Chinese Academy of Sciences , which is committed to the research and development、production and sales of high-tech and new materials and chemicals, ,especially Grubbs catalyst and the new materials of forefront of the market.Grubbs chemical can have a long-term stable production and provide tons and above the international first-class quality of Grubbs catalyst, annual output of China is the first, with the purity of more than 99 percent, stronger electron, better activity, and has the ability of R&D of exclusive formula according to the customer's production industry .

      We are your expert on olefin complex decomposition reactions which provide critical material in the field of medicine, grease, aviation,fine chemicals and other industries. We are committed to becoming the preferred chemical solutions for our customers,to help clients to change ideas and innovations into reality and makes the world a better place.