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The importance、problems and development expectation of Olef
The importanceproblems and development expectation of Olefin and its downstream industry

I Olefin is an important basic raw material in the national economy.

In our national economy, the olefin is important one of the basic raw material,plays an important strategic role in the petrochemical and chemical industry . And don't say the import amount of Chinese olefin ,since the output of olefin is over 50 million tons in China, which widely applied in the field of film, pipe, plate, foam materials, chemical fiber, lubricating oil, and injection molding,it is enough to justify its importance.
Ⅱ The problems and deficiencies of the olefin downstream industry in China
1 The guarantee ability of domestic high-end olefin product is insufficient.Give priority to with common synthetic materials in the downstream products of our country.The degree of product differentiation is low,the ratio of high added value, functional and special product is not high.Lacking of international advanced technology especially in engineering plastics, special rubber and high-performancefiber areas, leads to domestic support capability of the above products is less than 50%.
2 The utilization of by-product resources is not enough.
Ⅲ High-end olefin polymer material has a huge market space
At present, there is a huge development space for the downstream industry of olefin in China.Such as automotive, electronics, light industry, textile, building materials and other related industries,the demand of the high performance of the special petrochemical (olefin polymer) product is urgent.
Technological content and high added value products, green production process, the domestic market shortage, filling the blank of high-end Petrochemical olefin polymer products, such as the market space of isoamyl rubber, cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber, ternary ethylene propylene rubber  like new varieties of synthetic rubber, carbon fiber, aramid fiber, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber and high performance synthetic fiber and others is huge.