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New Drug Innovations Enabled by Cutting Edge Chemistry

Of all the innovations to have an impact on modern society, the novel drugs developed over the past 60 years have perhaps had the biggest impact.

Innovations in the novel drugs developed over the past 60 years have had one of the largest impacts on modern society. From contraceptives and antidepressants to antivirals and cancer therapies, drugs have dramatically improved our health and wellness. There have been numerous breakthroughs as pioneering treatments for human illness were discovered, developed, and commercialized. In recent years, however, true innovation in drug development measured by new molecular entity approvals has slowed, and throwing ever increasing amounts of money into R&D has not helped. In fact, the number of new drug approvals per billion dollars spent has decreased exponentially since 1950.Industry critics point to a shift in focus away from discovering new cures toward “me-too” drugs, the aggressive pursuit of life cycle management strategies such as reformulation, 2 and an increasing role of mergers and acquisitions to bolster or even replace a company’s R&D efforts.