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No.1 Crystal Catalyst
product details

Product name: No.1 crystal catalyst
Appearance: purple powder solid
Melting point: 143.5 to 148.5 ° C (lit.)
Storage conditions: 2-8 ° C
Purity: benzal [1, 3 - double (three methyl phenyl) - 2 - imidazoline subunits], methylene chloride, (third ring hexyl phosphonic) ruthenium content > 95%
Purpose: catalyze unsaturated olefin for metathesis reactions, with wide range of substrates, including the space requirements or inactivation of olefins, such as 1, 1-2 instead of olefins and α,β unsaturated carbonyl compounds
Related categories: including ruthenium catalyst; Organic precious metals; Catalytic and inorganic chemistry. Precious metal catalysts; Intermediates; General reagents; Pharmaceutical intermediates
Danger instructions: flammable solid
Precaution instructions: to prevent from heat/sparks/open flames/hot surfaces; Smoking is prohibited.