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Grubbs Catalyst Used On Production Of 1- Decene
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Methyl oleate and ethylene catalytic metathesis reaction for preparing 1- decene
When using the catalyst to catalyze the olefin complex decomposition reaction of oleic acid and ethylene, The catalytic activity of TON at the catalyst concentration of 10ppm was 52000. It show-s that the catalyst has high catalytic activity. In addition, the catalyst in olefin metathesis reactio-n, simply use the cheaper double decomposition reaction of 96 wt % of oleic acid as raw materials, thus the invention of catalyst also has significant economic value and industrial significance. 1 - decyl ene exists in distillate oil processing, also can get by separated from the C9 ~ C10 fraction of paraffin wax. Mainly usage: can be used as a solvent, also can be used for producing flavor, spices, medicine, dyestuff, grease, resin and other raw materials, also used for hydrogenation of decane.