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Used for Self Repair Of Polymer Matrix Composites
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Polymer matrix composites due to its excellent performance has been widely used in the aerospace, electrical and electronic, locomotive machinery and many new high-tech fields and become an indispensable structural material.

But due to difference between the stress and the thermal response of the matrix resin and reinforced materials like composite components and various chemica-l and physical factors of interface characteristics,  In the process and long service process, it oft-en come to being micro cracks or cracks due to changes in temperature, humidity and shock lo-ading, extrusion effect of external environment , leads to the unstability of the structure, using performance degradation, it will expand and cause material damage if not timely repair . The traditional methods have been used till now such as mechanical riveting, rubber, resin injection and welding,but for the ultrasonic can't be tested out of  deep inside damage of the materials which is difficult to timely repair. While ring opening complex decomposition polymerization initiated by catalyst 1, in the application of self-healing materials which focus attention on the world, the polymer self repairing composite material has been successfully developed in the aerospace engineering at present.