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The Application Of Grubbs Catalyst
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Grubbs catalyst has huge potential application in chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Now some scientists are using it in developing treatment of diseases such as cancer, alzheimer's and AIDS drugs. In addition, it extends means for the scientist in researching organic molecules, such as using for artificial synthesis of complex natural substances. It is also widely used in the complete synthesis of natural products,drug chemistry and materials science.

The academic application category of Grubbs catalyst
The catalyst for functional groups has large range allowrance. It is not only stable in air, even in the presence of water, alcohol, or acid, can still ke-ep the catalytic activity. At present it is mainly used in olefin cross metathesis reaction, ring opening metathesis polymerization (ROMP), the ring double olefin metathesis polymerization (ADMET) and n-cyclohexylmaleimide, several type of olefin metathesis reactions such as double decomposition reaction. Such as follows: (1) crystal 1 catalyst can be applies in olefin "ring-opening metathesis polymerization reaction" in the process of synthesis of special functional polymer material. such as  hydrophilic polymer, liquid crystal polymer, etc. Cyclic olefin, it n-ot only has special high catalytic activity for high tension but also for low tension of cyclic olefin and larger space steric hindrance of multisubstituted annular ring opening polymerization of olefin  (2) crystal  1 catalyst can be used in the process of the synthesis of many complex drugs, natural products and physiological active compounds by “ring-closing metathesis " of olefins,such as the efficient synthesis of cyclic peptide compounds and supramolecular system - hydrocarbon,used for synthesis of anticancer of Epothilone A and its analogues.used for anticarcinogen Manzamine A synthesis, etc.In the closed loop complex decomposition reaction, it is especially suitable for the three, four substituted olefins with large steric hindrance.(3)The catalyst can be realized through the "cross complex decomposition reaction" of the olefin by using the catalyst No. 1 FK 1012,synthesize three substituted olefins, etc.And showed a good stereo chemical selectivity.Therefore, it can be predicted,a wide range of applications will be obtained for the catalyst .