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Catalytic Synthesis Of Heterocyclic Compounds
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Grubbs catalyst  has huge potential application in chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Now some scientists are using it in developing treatment of diseases such as cancer, alzheimer's and AIDS drugs. In addition, it extends means for the scientist in researching organic molecules, such as using for artificial synthesis of complex natural substances. It is also widely used in the complete synthesis of natural products,drug chemistry and materials science.

Catalytic synthesis of heterocyclic compounds
Heterocyclic compounds are a class of compounds with biological and pharmacological activities, play an important role in the synthesis of organic compounds. Among them, nitrogen, oxygen, heterocyclic is an important part of heterocyclic compounds. Nitrogen, oxygen, heterocyclic is two kinds of compounds with special biological activity, their development of pesticide, medicine, dye products and chemical intermediates play a big role at the same time, also the influence of the industry and the development of the society increasingly aroused people's concern. And the two types of heterocyclic phyletic variously, usually can be used to build some functional products.