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Application of Disodium Creatine Phosphate
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It forms as creatine phosphate after (drug use) disodium creatine phosphatein gets into body. The main role is played by creatine phosphate,which as follows:
⑴ cardio protective agent
Creatine phosphate is widely distributed in the body tissues, 90% in muscle tissue, creatine phosphate is used to maintain ATP levels. The phosphocreatine is able to prevent muscle fiber membrance from ischemic danger reduction and maintain cell (nuclear acid reservoir)by opening pathway and reducing deposition.Clinic for hear disease protection cardioplegiamyocardial metabolism and other health distress.Suitable for myocardial ischemia, hypertrophy, myocardial infarction and heart failure treatment (adjuvant therapy), it can also be used for various cardiac surgery.When used in cardiac surgery,it’ll added into cardioplegia myocardial protection.myocardial ischemia in metabolic state of exception.
⑵ It can buffer suddenly increase of acids in muscle .
⑶ creatine phosphate (CP) is also involved in energy transport, which carries the energy from the mitochondria to other parts of the muscle.
⑷ the preferred sports supplements for athletes
Creatine Phosphate has an significant effect on increasing physical fitness of athletes and improving athletic performance.It’s safe and effective, no side effects. During the competition,The increasing of creatine phosphate (CP) levels improves the training and competition results for athletes.
⑸ the composition form of ATP
Phosphocreatine can transfer high-energy phosphate to ADP and generate ATP, creatine phosphate is therefore stored in the form of ATP.
⑹ action with ADP to form the ATP
When creatine phosphokinase in body reduced to zero before, when brain tissue hypoxia, creatine phosphate and ADP acts to generate the ATP.
⑺ act as buffers
In addition to providing energy creatine phosphate, especially in high-intensity exercise,it can also control the muscles of the acidic substance acts as buffer. This is because creatine phosphate in the synthesis of ATP during high-intensity exercise needs to consumethe hydrogen ions that released from accumulated muscles, hydrogen ions and muscles too much will hinder muscle contraction, so creatine phosphate can serve as buffers and delays fatigue appears.
⑻ phosphocreatine stimulates growth for hormone secretion
It pushes taurine and creatine phosphate synthesis to promote mutual cooperation be strengthened, with adequate protein or amino acid supplement the premise of better muscle protein synthesis rate and effect is better.